SS 304 Stainless Steel Pipes

Stainless steel piping systems have been used for many decades all over the world to handle waters in the highly corrosive environments of the chemical, pollution control, pharmaceutical and food & beverage industries. There are millions of miles of pipelines, worldwide, used for the transmission of drinking water. These pipelines must offer corrosion resistance to the water itself, soil chemistries, and treatment chemicals in order to provide both a long service life and hygienic delivery of drinking quality water.

Stainless steels are alloys of iron containing at least 11% chromium. To improve corrosion resistance and the engineering properties, usually nickel (8-12%) and some times molybdenum (2-2.5%) are added. The molybdenum containing alloys resist chlorides to a much greater extent.

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Excellent Corrosion Resistance

304 stainless steel are significantly more resistant to oxidation by water and biocides than any other material.


Corrosion Protection

An internal and external coating is not required for 304 stainless steel, nor is cathodic protection. This reduces system cost and makes stainless steels more compatible with environment.


Hygienic Materials

Due to their very high passive film stability, 304 stainless steel are basically inert in waters. Leaching of alloying elements (Cr and Ni) is within safe limits. As a result, they provide a better quality of drinking water.


Coefficient of Friction

Lower friction compared to cement lined carbon steel pipes or to corroded carbon steel results in less loss of water pressure along the pipeline. This provides an opportunity to diminish the internal diameter of the pipe and save capital cost. This is also a reason for a lower adhesion of deposits as well as lower bacteria colonization. They are also tolerant to high flow rates.


Good Strength and Ductility

304 stainless steel, particularly the duplex materials, have higher mechanical properties when compared with any other material. This allows a reduction in the wall thickness of the pipe (with out any required corrosion allowance) and results in investment cost savings. The better ductility may also be important in terms of security, e.g. in the case of an earthquake.


Erosion Corrosion

The duplex stainless steels are much more resistant to corrosion.


Ease of Maintenance

with high corrosion resistance, water leaks can be drastically reduced, probably from 25% down to less than 5% which leads to further cost savings.


Excellent Durability

304 stainless steel are resistant to crevice corrosion, cavitation and wear in pure and polluted waters as well as in atmosphere (even polluted), they are cost effective for long term use and do not cause environmental pollution.



304 stainless steel are 100% recyclable and a part of their initial cost may be recoverable when they are recycled.

Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes, fitting and tools provide advantages to the user like easy installation in place of restricted accessibility in few seconds because of crimping tools, saves time and money, installation is very fast and durable.

Corrosion Resistant

Prime Gold Stainless Steel is corrosion resistant steel. Corrosion is phenomenon as per oxide film theory whereby a thin, stable oxide film with passive coating is formed on the surface of a metal which protects from corrosion, while other plumbing systems like GI system are faster corroding with heavy re-installation costs and minimum service life on the other hand Stainless Steel continues to serve for several years.


Using Prime Gold S.S. Water Pipe ensures water quality of portable water which gets compromised by using non food grade plumbing system.

Minimum Maintenance

Once Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes is installed in the building, users will be free of heavy maintenance because it is designed for a minimum 100 years of service with minimum maintenance.

Easy Installation

Due to hydraulic or electro-mechanical pressing tools, installation of Stainless Pipe and Fittings are easy. No welding or threading of the pipe is require for installation.


With the help of press fitting tools, pipes are joined by pressing instead of threaded joints. So, thickness of the wall is reduced. Stainless Steel Pipe is made up of high strength material, therefore is able to hold up more stress than GI. In addition to this, the corrosion resistance of stainless steel significantly increases the life of the system.

Earthquake Resistant

Earthquake programme conducted by Japanese Stainless Steel Association’s (JSSA) on a structure to stimulate earthquake found Stainless Steel bears up earthquakes.


Stainless Steel plumbing system are in harmony with nature, conserve energy, and easy in maintenance. As per the * CBRI report Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes has more than 100 years life with minimum maintenance.

Tolerate High Pressure of Liquids and Gasses

Stainless Steel Pipe is made-up of high strength material which can take the pressure upto 10-12 bars or250 psi.

Smoother Bore

Due to low coefficient of friction, it provides lower pumping cost and almost insignificant loss of pressure.

Fire Risk

Without using any fire protection stainless steel pipes can be installed in fire risk areas, because it is non-flammable.

Environmental Benefit

Supply of water through stainless steel is quality wise better for drinking because stainless steel is corrosion free and will not cause contamination.


It is easily recycled and their alloy content is highly valued. For the recycling process ferrous material are used, which produce on an average 60% recycled content.


Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes are available in Indian market in a comfortable length of 3 meters.

Prime Gold 304 Stainless Steel Pipes and Fittings are made up of high quality 304 Food Grade steel with best available technology to maintain high quality product and uniformity. Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes are E.R.W. PIPES to specification ASTM A-49, A-260 and A-270 in ½” to 3″ Sizes. Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes tested by C.B.R.I Roorkee for corrosion resistance and is assured that Prime Gold S.S Pipes is 15.45 times more durable than other G.I products.Prime Gold Stainless Steel Pipes tested by Delhi Test House for food grade and is ensured that is safe for drinking water line.

Size OD (in MM) Thikness (in MM)
½" 15.88 0.80
¾" 22.22 1.00
1" 28.58 1.00
1¼" 34.00 1.20
1½" 42.70 1.20
2" 48.60 1.20
2½" 60.50 1.50
3" 88.90 2.00

Pipe as per JIS 3448

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